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Opencart - Nordea Bank Estonia Payment Method OC

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Nordea pangalink maksemeetod.

Kasutab uut pangalingi protokolli!

Nordea banklink payment method.

Uses the new banklink protocol.

Demo available for Opencart 1.5.x: 

Store front demo (checkout to see available payment methods)
Admin panel demo user: demo pass: demo (read only)

Nordea Bank test credentials:
User ID - 111111
Code no. - 9999

It has been tested on OpenCart 1.5.4.x, 1.5.5.x, 1.5.6.x.


1. Copy files from the Upload folder and paste into the site root folder directory. Existing files won't be deleted.

2. At your Opencart site administration open 'Extensions' - 'Payments'. Click "Install" opposite "Nordea Bank" payment method.

3. Edit settings of the installed payment methods.
Your contract ID: 'Get from Nordea Bank' 
Absolute path to private key file: 'Location or path to Your SSL generated private key' Example: '/var/www/admin/www/domain.com/priv_key.pem' or 'http://domain.com/priv_key.pem'
Absolute path to bank public key file: 'Location or path to Nordea Bank SSL generated public key' Example: '/var/www/admin/www/domain.com/pub_key.pem' or 'http://domain.com/pub_key.pem'
Account ID where money will be sent: 'IBAN' Example: 'EE691700017000041706'
Account holder name: 'Company Name'
URL to banklink processing engine: 'https://netbank.nordea.com/pnbepaytest/epayp.jsp'
Order Status: 'Choose proper status of order what will be after payment'
Geo Zone: 'Choose in with Zone to show current payment process'
Status: 'Enabled'
Sort Order: 'Set position in payment list' Example: '1'

4. Installation is finished. The “Enabled” method will be in the list of available payment methods when placing an order.

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Opencart Properties
Category Payment Method
For version 1.5.4.x, 1.5.5.x, 1.5.6.x

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