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Opencart - Drop-Down by Regions (SF Express / MRT Stations in Hong Kong)

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Demo available for Opencart 2.3.x: 

Store front demo (checkout to see available shipping methods)
Admin panel demo user: demo pass: demo (read only)

NB!: In demo need to be used Hong Kong as shipping country.

Installation instructions:

1) Login into your admin panel and navigate to Extensions > Extension Installer
2) Click Upload button and select the zip file.
3) Go to extensions > modifications and click the refresh button.

The module is now installed!


1) Go to Shipping Method in admin panel
2) Find 'SHP Selectionreg (SF Express)' and push install button
3) Push Edit button under 'SHP Selectionreg (SF Express)':
    a) Populate fields
    b) Push Save button

The module configuration is now finished!

NB!: If you are using autogeneration of SF Express Hong Kong postal offices or MRT Stations and you have more then two languages defined for your store, then we recommend to add line in php.ini (file in root directory and admin directory): max_input_vars = 10000;
and .htaccess (file in root directory and admin directory): php_value max_input_vars 10000
For Opencart version starting from 3.0.2.x need to be done changes in files:
$_['session_engine']     = 'file';
Add after $_['session_autostart']  = true; this $_['session_engine']     = 'file';


Opencart Properties
Category Shipping Method
For version 2.3.x, 3.0.x

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